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February 18, 2005


This week was unique. We did not do the usual check-ins, finding a collective theme and exploring it. Prasad offered the Dhakshinamurthy Ashtakam and got spontaneously inspired to talk about it for the rest of the session. We went with the flow� and what a flow it was! I remember an ad for Porche that read, �We do not make a new car until our engineers start giggling like children.� Whatever comes from spontaneity and joy is worth making� hence with Prasad talking spontaneously and the rest of us listening, we made the session worthy and joyful.

Some highlights from the session:

- When we dream, we think the events are happening outside of us. When we wake up we realize everything was happening inside us. Similarly, the whole world is inside us. The world is like a mirror that reflects what is inside us. So any conflict we see in the world is only a reflection of what is inside us. Thus every conflict in the world can be solved if we look for its origin inside us.

- The human body is like a pot with many holes on its surface with a burning lamp inside. The light coming out of the pot appears as if it is light from outside falling on the pot and is reflecting. Similarly, the light inside the body, the self, is projecting itself outside but we tend to think that the outside world is projecting itself on us.

- The self is independent of our senses and exists at all times. If you say that you had a good night�s sleep, how do you know that if there was no self when you slept?

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